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Oregon nudity trial

December 12, 2001


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DATE   : December 12, 2001
SUBJECT : Oregon nudity trial
TO     : All naturists

This past July, Terri Sue Webb was arrested in Bend, Oregon for the "crime" of having chosen to ride her bicycle while nude. Although the activity does not actually appear to rise to the level of an offense under Oregon state law, Webb was charged with disorderly conduct.

The case gained notoriety when Webb further asserted her right to determine her own personal dress code by choosing to be nude at her initial appearance in Deschutes County court on November 7. Judge Barbara Haslinger instructed police to arrest Webb for contempt and then sentenced her to a year of probation and ordered her to undergo psychiatric testing.

Terri Webb has chosen an unconventional way of seeking to incorporate nudity into her right of self-determination, but it is that departure from the ordinary that makes the case interesting and perhaps significant. Webb has said that her right to a fair trial on the initial charge has already been denied, pointing out that declaring nakedness as unacceptable in the court prior to the admission of evidence reflects a prejudgment concerning the issue at hand. She also challenges the court's presumption that a demonstrated preference for nudity is a sign of a mental disorder.

The Naturist Action Committee wishes to make naturists and others aware of this case. NAC's grass roots style of activism works best when there is an active group of local naturists with whom to work. However, since no such group has been identified in the immediate vicinity, NAC is taking the step of bringing this matter to the attention of a larger audience.

        The trial on the original charge of disorderly conduct has been set for Wednesday, January 23 at 9:30 a.m. in the  courtroom of Judge Haslinger (courtroom E) of the Deschutes County Courthouse. The courthouse is located at 1100 NW Bond Street in Bend.

           The original trial date was scrubbed in mid December.
                       The new date and time are May 2, 2002 at 9:30 a.m.
                       Courtroom assignment has not been announced.

NAC encourages those who support this cause to make their presence felt at the trial and in the community. For further information, please contact NAC board member Mark Storey by e-mail at <> or consult NAC's web site at:

The Naturist Action Committee is the volunteer nonprofit political arm of The Naturist Society (TNS). NAC's mission is to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. NAC is not content merely to maintain the status quo and actively seeks to expand the envelope of nude freedoms.


Mark Storey
Naturist Action Committee

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