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Brunswick Beach

July 10, 2001


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DATE   : July 10, 2001
SUBJECT : Immediate threat to Brunswick Beach

TO: All Naturists

The Village of Lions Bay (VLB) is seeking to close down the site popularly known as Brunswick Beach, a clothing-optional area used for years by members of the Alberta Bay Naturist Community (ABNC). The clothing-optional users of the beach are engaged in resistance to escalating efforts aimed at restricting their access to area and their use of it.

Nudity opponents among the residents of the Brunswick Beach Improvement District have attempted for years to close the beach to naturists. They failed in their attempt to have courts declare the beach a nuisance (both public and private), but they have increased their ad hoc efforts. Those have included the blockading of parking areas by means of metal gates and concrete blocks, as well as the installation of unauthorised "No Parking" and "No Nudity" signs.


   1999 The Brunswick Beach Improvement District amalgamated with the Village of Lions Bay, and that amalgamation itself can be seen as attempt to banish naturist use at the beach. The village boundaries extend 300 metres into Howe Sound, parallel to the high tide line, and village officials immediately applied for permission to extend those boundaries to include the area of water off the traditional clothing optional beach.

   2000 The village applied to the British Columbia Assets and Land Corp (BCALC) for the land between the high water mark and the railroad right-of-way of BC Rail. That is the area (most of which is underwater at high tide) used by members of the Alberta Bay Naturist Community. BCALC administer Crown Land on behalf of the Province and were told by the village that the land would be used as a "municipal park" for the explicit purpose of gaining jurisdiction over the area and enabling the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to "act on" their complaints.

Inaccuracies, gross exaggerations and outright fabrications characterised the village's application. Naturists from ABNC had extended discussions with BCALC officials. The BCALC did not accept the application and instructed the village to obtain further information (titles, deeds, etc.) and to fulfill a number of additional requirements (including a full park plan).

   2001 BC Rail made an application for ownership of the same piece of land. The Alberta Bay Naturist Community consider this to be a likely "back door" move, encouraged by the village to circumvent the BCALC. Naturists from ABNC are in the process of preparing a brief on the matter for submission to the Senior Land Officer.


Naturists are asked to watch for further NAC Advisories, Updates and Action Alerts on this issue. The Alberta Bay Naturist Community have advised that additional communication from the broader naturist community may be necessary to save this beach. Further news is anticipated in late July or early August.


Meanwhile, the Alberta Bay Naturist Community are looking for a little assistance in the preparation of the brief. Specifically:

  (a) legal precedents (especially Canadian)that would be useful in forming a legal argument;

  (b) examples of how public-private interest conflicts of this kind have been successfully resolved through various management strategies; or

  (c) any information about how they have achieved successful resolution in similar cases

If you can help, please contact NAC:

  Judy Williams
  Bob Morton

... or you may contact the Alberta Bay Naturist Community representative directly at:

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Judy Williams
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Naturist Action Committee
Richmond, British Columbia