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U.S. - Children's Internet Protection Act
March 20, 2001

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DATE   : March 20, 2001

SUBJECT: NAC, 19 Others Sue U.S. Over Web Censorship

TO: All Naturists

A group of twenty plaintiffs, including the Naturist Action
Committee, filed a lawsuit earlier today in federal court to
prevent the U.S. government from implementing the Children's
Internet Protection Act (CHIPA) in public libraries. The complaint
was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, which is
representing the plaintiffs.

CHIPA was sponsored by Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) and was passed
as part of the final funding bill considered by the 106th Congress
in late 2000. President Clinton signed the bill into law in
December. CHIPA requires that all libraries receiving certain
federal funding must install filtering software on all of their
Internet access terminals, regardless of whether federal funds
paid for the terminals or the Internet connection.

NAC's web site is among those commonly blocked by commercial web
site filtering software. Under the requirements of CHIPA, NAC's
constitutionally protected message would be made unavailable to
those who rely on public libraries for access to the Internet,
increasing what ACLU has called the "Digital Divide" between the
"haves" and the "have nots" in America.

For more information, including the complete text of the complaint
filed today, go to the NAC web site (if you're not at a public
library where it's filtered!):

Select "White Papers."

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Bob Morton
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Naturist Action Committee