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Florida House Bill 269
January 21, 2007

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DATE:    January 21, 2007
SUBJECT: Florida House Bill 269 
TO:      All naturists and other concerned individuals

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of an important situation involving legislation in the state of Florida.

Newly elected state legislator William Snyder of Martin County has introduced House Bill 269 in the Florida House of Representatives. The bill proposes troubling changes to portions of state law that are of direct concern to naturists.


Naturist individuals, clubs and groups can be a tremendous asset in dealing with legislation. However, conditions are NOT PRESENTLY APPROPRIATE for making contact with lawmakers on this matter. Please wait.

NAC believes you should be advised and informed, but this is a case in which premature action could be damaging. Watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


Section 800.03 of the Florida Statutes addresses the exposure or exhibition of sexual organs in a public place. Based on the existing wording of the law, 800.03 has been held by Florida Courts to make such exposure illegal only when it is done in a lewd manner.

House Bill 269 proposes changes to the wording of 800.03 that could jeopardize the protection for naturists afforded by current judicial rulings. The bill would add increased penalties under 800.03 in certain locations and during certain times of day.

Although HB 269 could also be used as a vehicle for other legislative language unfriendly to naturists, the bill's initial text is hostile enough by itself to deserve our attention.


The Naturist Action Committee is working closely on this matter with local naturists and with representatives of Florida naturist clubs and groups. Deserving of special acknowledgment in the early stages of this issue are South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association and Central Florida Naturists.

The Florida legislature is currently in special session. The regular 2007 session officially begins March 6. NAC and its allies are taking House Bill 269 very seriously and are focusing on the most effective and efficient ways to protect the interests of naturists. As is frequently the case, there are things to be done behind the scenes, and that's exactly what's happening at this point.


This is an informational advisory only. The Naturist Action Committee is specifically asking that you do not take action at this time.

NAC anticipates an upcoming appropriate time and circumstance for contacts with lawmakers on this issue, but that time is NOT RIGHT NOW. Please watch for further NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


You can access additional information on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

Select "Alerts, Advisories and Updates." Under Current Advisories, you'll find the text of this NAC Advisory, along with links to the complete text of HB 269, an updated legislative history of the bill and existing Florida law.


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Morley Schloss
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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