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August 9, 2006

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DATE:    August 9, 2006
SUBJECT: Mazo Beach
TO:      All Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to advise you of developing situations at Mazo Beach in Dane County, Wisconsin. This NAC Advisory has been developed in close cooperation with Friends of Mazo Beach (FOMB), the local user group for the site on the Wisconsin River.


In recent years, Wisconsin religious fundamentalist Ralph Ovadal and members from his small band of followers have protested and picketed in the parking lot at the end of Conservation Drive and along the road to the river. As part of their activities in this so-called "Gospel Gauntlet," the protesters engage in activities that are confrontational and provocative. Many of their specific actions are intended to provoke incidents with naturists who are headed to the beach.  

Ralph Ovadal himself has been convicted and fined twice for his activities near Mazo Beach.

Ovadal has not yet made a protest trip to Mazo in 2006, leading some to speculate that an injunction exists that prevents him from doing so. There is no such injunction. It's true that much of Ovadal's attention is being directed elsewhere, but that doesn't prevent him from putting in an appearance at Mazo.

If you should encounter protesters in the parking lot or as you walk to the river, NAC asks that you ignore the Ovadalites and simply refuse to respond to their provocations. Since they believe the sight of naked human bodies will leave everlasting blemishes on their souls, these bigoted zealots will not follow you onto the river bed.


Most who are regular visitors to Mazo Beach understand the simple fundamentals of naturist beach etiquette.

However, a few uninformed (or uncaring) visitors to the clothing-optional beach may occasionally attempt to use the area for inappropriate activities. Beach users should know the difference between benign nudity and overt sexual behavior. Rangers from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources know the difference, and they regularly monitor beach activity. Sexual behavior will result in arrest and prosecution, and it affects the reputation of the beach.

Please stand up for appropriate clothing-optional beach behavior.


Dane County authorities have historically declined to prosecution those who are merely nude in the traditional area at Mazo Beach. In fact, in addressing the matter of nudity, the Dane County District Attorney's office has said, "In a place where there's a tradition of nude sunbathing like Mazo Beach it is not lewd and lascivious behavior."

With present low flow conditions on the Wisconsin River, it's become easy to walk to the sand bar in the river. But the sand bar is not a "traditional" clothing-optional area for the purpose of deflecting prosecution. Those who move nudity out toward the main channel of the river and north and south beyond the traditional area are not only discarding their traditional protection, they are increasing the chances of conflicts with other user groups, like the canoeists who use the river's main channel. User group conflicts are a major cause for increased scrutiny and closure of clothing-optional areas on public land.

The Naturist Action Committee and Friends of Mazo Beach ask you to reduce the risk to yourself and the threat to the beach by staying within traditional clothing-optional areas.


Contact Friends of Mazo Beach by telephone at (608) 798-1954 or by e-mail at


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Kath Rooney
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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