NAC Advisory
Mazo Beach, Wisconsin
August 11, 2003

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                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE

DATE   : August 11, 2003
SUBJECT: Mazo Beach
TO     : All naturists

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee wishes to make you aware of an impending situation at Mazo Beach, a popular clothing-optional site on the Wisconsin River in Dane County, Wisconsin.

A group calling itself Wisconsin Christians United (WCU) conducted a relatively small-scale display of their standard harassment tactics in the parking lot and along the road leading to Mazo Beach this past Saturday, August 9. There were no large incidents.

NAC has reason to believe that this same group will attempt a more major confrontation at Mazo on one of the three Saturdays remaining in the month of August. The event will take place along the road between the parking lot and the river (approximately 1 mile).


WCU's outings at Mazo this summer have been small and have been limited so far to only two dates (July 26 and August 9). However, the anticipated larger event will follow a predictable pattern. WCU members will arrive early in the morning with signs and bullhorns. Under the direction of sect leader Ralph Ovadal, some will be deployed to stand in the parking lot, while the less fortunate will be sent to line both sides of the road, waiting amongst the biting flies and hungry mosquitoes.

Individuals, families and groups arriving to spend time at the clothing-optional beach should expect to be approached and accosted by the WCU faithful, who will attempt, among other things, to use Biblical scripture as a condemnation of nude recreation.

The harassment will be loud and perhaps even threatening. It will include hateful messages and name-calling. Ovadal will call it "witnessing" and "street preaching," but its immediate practical objectives are confrontation, intimidation and provocation.

It is very important for naturists NOT TO RESPOND to these provocations.


Friends of Mazo Beach (FOMB) and the Naturist Action Committee have jointly developed these guidelines:

  1) Do not allow Ralph Ovadal and his minions to keep you away from the beach! Like the mosquitoes along the road, they are annoyances, but they are not entitled to ruin your day. Since Ovadal does not wish his small flock to be exposed to actual nudity, WCU antagonists have historically refused to venture past the end of the road or onto the beach itself.

  2) Do not engage in argument or debate with those who have been sent to harass you. They are not listening to you. They may try to provoke you with verbal insults. Please do not rise to the bait.

  3) Avoid physical confrontation. Ovadal has indicated that he would like nothing more than to be able to portray himself as a victim who has been attacked by those he calls "sodomites." In past instances, WCU lackeys have worked to place themselves in harm's way and have even attempted to stage incidents in which they would appear to be the victims of an assault. Please do not provide them with the remotest opportunity to create such fiction.

  4) Once at the river, follow normal nude beach etiquette. Do not fuel Ovadal's frenzy by exhibiting poor behavior. The Dane County District Attorney's office has indicated that it is not inclined to prosecute simple nudity at Mazo Beach, but it will prosecute charges of lewd behavior.

  5) Stay in the established clothing-optional area. Venturing over to the main channel of the river is an unnecessary provocation to canoeists and others on the river and may place you across the county line into Sauk County, where no assurances have been made regarding prosecution for mere nudity. It would be wonderful to be able to canoe the entire 93-mile stretch of the river while nude, but in the present charged atmosphere, such a thing is unwise and irresponsible. The rewards are not worth the damage that would likely ensue.


This is an Advisory. The intent is to make you aware of the situation. Beyond exercising prudence and good sense when you visit Mazo Beach, the Naturist Action Committee is not asking for your specific action at this time.

If you do observe an incident, please get in contact with FOMB or NAC and let us know. Leave a detailed message.

  FOMB: (608) 798-1954
  NAC: (512) 282-6621,

NAC and FOMB do encourage you to enjoy clothing-optional recreation at Mazo Beach. If we stay away because of the threats and intimidation of WCU or any other group using terrorist tactics, then they will have won and we will have lost something precious.


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Nicky Hoffman
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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