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Unauthorized solicitation for donations

October 23, 2001


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DATE   : October 23, 2001

SUBJECT: Donation solicitation for New York photography case

TO     : All naturists

A recent fund raising solicitation distributed widely by e-mail has asked for contributions in the case of a New York artist who was charged with a crime for possessing nonsexual photographs of nude children. The solicitation, which has appeared over the past day or so, requests that contributions be sent to the Naturist Action Committee to be used for the defense of the artist.

Naturists should understand that the request for contributions was made without the authorization of the Naturist Action Committee.

NAC is quite familiar with the case. In fact, we knew well in advance that the legal issue was to be resolved through "adjournment with contemplation of dismissal." No defense would be required. No defense funding would be necessary.

The Naturist Action Committee is a volunteer organization that is supported entirely by voluntary donations. NAC tries to limit its appeals for help to situations that require it. Although we understand the good intentions of the recent solicitation, it contained inaccurate and misleading information. Further, it was inappropriate to make it appear that NAC was collecting funds for a legal defense where no such funding was required or intended.

Some naturists have already sent contributions to NAC as the direct result of the solicitation. Since we believe they were made on the basis of a misleading request, we have set those donations aside. Over the next few days, we will be contacting the donors to give them the option of having their contributions returned or allowing them to be applied to NAC's other efforts on behalf of naturists.


Bob Morton
Chairman & Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

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