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November 3, 2006 |
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DATE:    November 3, 2006
SUBJECT: Nude Beaches YES!
TO:      Naturists and interested others

Dear Naturist,

As a part of our proactive efforts to expand awareness and acceptance, the Naturist Action Committee frequently undertakes regional projects. One such project is ready to make its public debut.

With inspiration and significant energy from the Body Freedom  Collaborative (BFC), an innovative Seattle-based group, NAC has launched a campaign called "Nude Beaches YES!" We're giving it a test run in Seattle. NAC board member Mark Storey is spearheading the project.

Nude Beaches YES!
NAC's Nude Beaches YES campaign is ultimately aimed at encouraging a nationwide discussion about clothing-optional beaches. You can imagine how valuable such public discussion will be for those who presently enjoy use of an established nude beach in their region, for naturist activists presently battling for continued nude use of a beach nearby, and for skinny-dippers who presently have few alternatives for nude use of local public lands.

The  Nude Beaches YES! campaign is a low-cost, legal, inoffensive way for each of us to take this discussion to the streets. Here's the idea:

Making use of a  professional graphic artist associated with BFC, NAC commissioned the design of what looks like a standard 22x14 inch political campaign sign. With a simple "Nude Beaches YES," a box with a check marked in it, and a URL directing people to information on nude beaches, this colorful, eye-catching, red white &  blue sign looks very much like the campaign and initiative signs you presently see during each election season at street corners and along roadsides across the USA. They are made of polycoated, weather resistant, recyclable cardboard, and are designed to catch the eye of anyone passing by.

Imagine people holding these signs, smiling, and waving them on busy street corners-perhaps side by side with others holding campaign signs for various ballot measures or regional candidates in an upcoming vote - or any subsequent election. People will drive by, see Nude Beaches YES! in bright, patriotic colors, and think one  of two things: "YES! I'm FOR nude beaches, too! I'm gonna vote YES!" Or "Has the  world gone nuts? I've got to look into this before I vote." Either way people will want to check out the URL leading them to an informational Web page articulating briefly the kinds of nude beaches in our country, the varied policies that work to keep users happy, the pros and cons of nude beaches for local communities, the importance of good signage, and examples of where nude beaches are working well in the U.S.

The cost to NAC is relatively low; the amount of time we spend holding these signs on busy street corners is up to each of us. With a minimum of effort, we'll produce a lighthearted bit of street dramaturgy guaranteed to catch the attention of every motorist passing by and perhaps a fair number of media reporters looking for a fun, good-natured story. And we get to direct the public's attention to a Web site that gives information on nude beaches and, if we wish, to local naturist issues regarding public lands.

A naturist group in Florida might use the signs to promote increased government funding for standard amenities at an established nude beach. A nudist club in California might wave signs in town to garner tolerance of nude use at an isolated beach. A skinny-dipping group in Washington could  hold signs on street corners to demonstrate local support for the creation of a new clothing-optional beach.

Sound good? Fun? It is!

It's probably too close to the upcoming election for you to set up anything for that event, but if things work well during the trial run in Seattle, we'll refine it and keep doing it. Go to

Getting in on the fun
You can get in on the fun. If you'd like some  signs, let NAC know. We have to charge for the signs to cover our costs: $2.50 per sign, plus $10 shipping for each group of 1-10 signs. This isn't a  money-maker, but we'd like to come close to breaking even.

Use your credit card to place your order online by going to: Be sure to include your surface shipping address for delivery. On a blank line under "shipping information," indicate the number of Nude Beaches YES! signs you're ordering. If you like, you can send a check to:

    P.O. Box 132
    Oshkosh, WI 54903

Be sure to include a shipping address and indicate quantities.

Get a group together - or just a couple of people. Go out and have some fun with your signs. Take pictures. Send digital pix or scanned images to:, along with a brief description of your experiences. Send prints to: NAC, P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903. We'll publish the best ones.

Nude Beaches YES!

Let's have some fun with this!


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

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