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January 26, 2006

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DATE:    January 26, 2006
SUBJECT: Ohio Senate Bill 245
TO:      All Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of significant and potentially threatening legislation in the state of Ohio.

Senate Bill 245 has been introduced in the Ohio legislature, and it has quickly developed into a major campaign issue for a number of Ohio politicians who are positioning themselves for election to higher office.


Introduced by Sen. Gary Cates (R-West Chester), the legislative bill is a response to an incident that took place last November in a retail department store in Sen. Cates's hometown. In that incident, a young girl viewed a male flasher whose actions were presumed to be sexually motivated. The man was arrested and jailed. Despite having a history of such charges, he was able to post a modest amount of bail and was released the same day.

Senate Bill 245 is being dubbed "Nicole's Law," after the girl in the department store. The proposed revision to state law would escalate penalties for public indecency when a minor is present. It would also increase the difficulty of making bail for those charged with public indecency.

The problem for naturists, of course, is that public indecency is the same law that authorities use to charge folks for skinny-dipping and other instances of mere nudity. Under the proposals of SB 245, the increased penalties can escalate to felony status for subsequent convictions, even when no sexual motivation is involved.


This is an Advisory. NAC requests that you DO NOT take action at this time. Please look for future NAC Action Alerts that will likely ask for your involvement.


The Naturist Action Committee operates a legislative lobbyist in Ohio. The American Association for Nude Recreation and the Midwest Sunbathing Association are important long term partners with NAC in the funding of the Ohio lobbyist. NAC gratefully acknowledges the valuable contribution to this effort that is being made by the leaders and membership of AANR and MSA.


NAC is presently involved in intense discussions with lawmakers, including the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 245. Depending on the outcome of those discussions, NAC may call for a coordinated grass root response from naturists. However, NOW IS NOT THE BEST TIME for such an action on this issue.

Watch for future NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this important topic.


For additional information, please visit the web site of the Naturist Action Committee:

This Advisory is available under "ALERTS, ADVISORIES & UPDATES," and it includes links to current Ohio law and the complete text of Senate Bill 245. Here's a direct link to this specific Advisory: 6-06/oh_2006_sb_245_01-26-06.html


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Thank you for choosing to make a difference!


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

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