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Rooster Rock State Park, Oregon

May 12, 2003

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                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE

DATE   : May 12, 2003
SUBJECT: Rooster Rock State Park, Oregon
TO     : All naturists

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee announces some very good news!

Working together with the Parks and Recreation Department of the state of Oregon and the American Association for Nude Recreation, NAC will be participating in an officially sanctioned effort to reclaim portions of Rooster Rock State Park for naturist use.

Rooster Rock is located on the Columbia River approximately 23 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The park has a long history of clothing-optional usage, and a portion of the park has been officially set aside for years as a state-designated nude beach. However, recent years have seen a dramatic decline in naturist use. Thick underbrush has been allowed to overtake much of the traditional nude area, and the dense growth has increasingly sheltered illicit activity.

As a result, many naturists have reluctantly given up on Rooster Rock.


Forward-thinking Parks and Recreation Department Assistant Area Manager Kevin Price recognizes the chance to solve the problem by working WITH naturists and aggressively managing FOR nude use at the park. This past weekend, Price met with NAC's Mark Storey, Shirley Gauthier of the NWNA/AANR Government Affairs Team and NAC Area Representative Daniel Johnson, cofounder of the Body Freedom Collaborative.

Price has committed to a refurbishment of the clothing-optional area and a renewal of the state's commitment to manage and maintain it, so that naturist men, women and children will feel comfortable returning. Over the next few weeks, the state will reinstall informational signage establishing the presence of a clothing-optional public area.

The second stage of the reclamation effort will be completed by early summer and will concentrate on an area that begins 20 yards from the entrance ramp at the end of the parking lot and extends 200 yards to the east. The State Parks and Rec Department will crop the brush and bring in sand to create a volleyball court in the clothing-optional area.

When the river level drops later in the summer, Rooster Rock officials will develop a wide trail from the bottom of the ramp to the beach area along the Columbia River. That will allow naturists to pass through the newly restored clothing-optional area near the ramp if they wish, and walk out toward Sand Island. This island has remained, over the years, the one place where naturists could enjoy the park fully. Users needed a boat to reach the island, however, so relatively few have been able to get there. With a widened, developed, and signed trail leading out to the outer mainland beach, naturists without boats will again be able to enjoy the river's edge and its sandy shore.

The final phase of the current plan is to clear more brush, this time on Sand Island and along the mainland beach.


This part is simple. Naturists can support this effort just by showing up at Rooster Rock and participating in the reclamation of clothing-optional recreation there!

For those who have the vision to see what Rooster Rock can become, this is indeed an opportunity! NAC asks you to contact board member Mark Storey to discuss development of a support group for the site. To make this effort work, Oregon Parks and Rec's Price has indicated that he needs a local volunteer group to "adopt" the clothing-optional section in some official fashion, and to work with him in organizing beach cleanups, in hosting an on-site information table, and in keeping site authorities aware of what's going on at the beach.

If you are interested in participating in a support group for Rooster Rock, please contact Mark Storey by e-mail at or by phone at (206) 361-9428.

The Naturist Action Committee could not have asked for anything more from the state of Oregon. We have the perfect opportunity to take an officially designated clothing-optional site, and to return it to its glory days. Visit Rooster Rock, get involved with a support group for the site, and have some fun under the Oregon sun!


To get to Rooster Rock State Park from Portland, drive east on Interstate 84 approximately 23 miles to Exit #25. There is a three-dollar parking fee. Drive to the right (east and up river) to the end of the parking lot to find the ramp down to the clothing-optional portion of the beach.


Additional information about the exciting developments at Rooster Rock will appear in the June issue of The Newsletter, a joint monthly publication of the Naturist Action Committee, The Naturist Society and the Naturist Education Foundation. Those who donate $20 or more to NAC receive a complimentary subscription to The Newsletter.


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Mark Storey
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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