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October 16, 2005

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DATE   : October 16, 2005
SUBJECT: Wreck Beach, British Columbia
TO     : All naturists, North American and World-Wide


Dear Naturist:

The University of British Columbia (UBC) continues to advance its plan to build a cluster of residential structures to tower above the treeline that forms the natural backdrop for Wreck Beach. Your letters and e-mails have helped alter the plan! As a direct result of your responses to previous requests for action, the planned fourth tower in the Phase II proposal has now been dropped from a 20-storey behemoth to a terraced 5-to-7-storey building, extending eastward away from Marine Drive. That's good news.

Even so, the threat looms large from the other, unaltered, towers that remain a part of the massive project. Now is not the time to back away from our efforts.

An article in the October 8, 2005, edition of the Globe and Mail announced that UBC intends to "move forward with plans to build two more residence towers near Wreck Beach, saying that the cost of waiting is too high." In fact, after the public meeting on October 5 that ostensibly sought comments and views from the public, the University sent that portion of the Phase II plans to the Advisory Urban Design Panel (AUDP) on the very next day. That's a clear indication that no consideration of public input was ever intended to be incorporated in a "revised" plan for that portion!

UBC is attempting to ignore public feedback and resolutions made by the Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD). The GVRD is the civic planning authority for the area. The GVRD Board of Directors and the UBC Board of Governors share responsibility for the planning, development and governance of the campus. At the October 5 Open House and Public hearings, UBC announced plans for heights and locations that would make the remaining two 18-storey proposed Phase II towers MORE visible from high to low tide at Wreck Beach.

It is vital that you act now for the future of Wreck Beach. One tower is already racing toward completion. If the University is allowed to continue on its present course, a total of three towers will blight the beach forever.


NAC is asking you to take action immediately. To keep things simple and encourage a big response, we're asking you to send just ONE e-mail.

  1) FIRST, send a message to the UBC and GVRD decision makers. Send your e-mail to Copy the list below, and paste it at the top of the BODY of your e-mail message (not in the address field). Paulette Vetleson of the GVRD office will distribute your message to the proper UBC and GVRD officials.

(Copy and paste this list.)

TO: Mr. Denis Pavlich, VP of External and Legal Affairs, UBC
TO: Mr. Johnny Carline, CAO, the Greater Vancouver Regional District;
TO: Mr. Hugh Kellas, Manager, GVRD Policy and Planning;
TO: Members, the GVRD-UBC Joint Committee;
TO: Members, the GVRD Board of Directors;
TO: Members, the UBC Board of Governors;
TO: Mr. Ed Andrusiak, Manager GVRD Parks;
TO: Mr. Mitch Sokalski, Manager, West Area Parks, and
TO: GVRD Policy and Planning Department

  2) SECOND, send a copy of your e-mailed message to Judy Williams of the Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS): You may include Judy in the "Cc" or "Copy To" field of your e-mail, allowing you to send just ONE e-mail.

The second step is important, so that WBPS will have documented proof of the contents and numbers of letters authorities are receiving. If you receive replies from UBC or GVRD, please forward those to Judy, as well. If you wish to fax your copies to WBPS, the fax number is: (604)856-9598

Letters must reach University and GVRD officials by October 31, 2005.


NAC is asking ALL CONCERNED INDIVIDUALS to send their comments by e-mail. That includes residents of the U.S., as well as those who live in Canada and elsewhere. Vancouver and UBC pride themselves on their international appeal.

Even if you have already responded before to calls for action on this important issue, please take a moment to help again. This call for action focuses solely on the two 18-storey towers that will be even more intrusive than Tower #1.


When you write, be sure to give your name and address. Anonymous correspondence is typically ignored. Be polite. Carefully express your outrage and your resentment, if you wish, but avoid threats and name-calling. The public has until October 31 to have its voice heard. Please do not wait until the last moment.

In your message, state very clearly that you strongly OPPOSE the proposed two 18-storey towers for this development because they will have a profound impact on viewscapes from the beach and the Park, as well as on other Park values. 

The mistake of Tower #1 must not be allowed to be replicated two more times.


For background, additional information and further suggestions on what to write, visit the NAC web site: The updated Wreck Beach discussion can be found by clicking on Local Issues. Here's a direct link: 004.html


This renewed request for grassroots action is being made by the Naturist Action Committee, in close coordination with the Wreck Beach Preservation Society (WBPS), the Pacific Spirit Park Society (PSPS), the Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN), the International Naturist Federation (INF) and the Western Canadian Association for Nude Recreation (WCANR), each of which may also be making similar requests. Many thanks to these groups and to countless other groups, whether TNS-affiliated, FCN-affiliated, AANR-affiliated or independent. NAC joins WBPS in acknowledging and thanking all who have donated time and resources and who continue the important effort to preserve Wreck Beach.


As of October 11, 2005, over 45,000 persons have signed petitions opposing construction of the towers. You can still add your name to the petition online at


The Naturist Action Committee exists to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. NAC is a volunteer nonprofit organization that relies on the grass roots participation of those who understand that individuals working together can make a difference.

NAC has no membership roster on which to assess dues, and it relies completely on voluntary contributions from concerned and involved naturists like you. Monitoring developing situations and coordinating action across North America is expensive.

After you've sent your e-mail to help preserve Wreck Beach, won't you take a moment to help NAC by sending a generous donation? you may donate directly online, using your MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card by going to:

You may also send your contribution to the address below, or you may call toll free (800) 886-7230 during normal office hours to donate by phone, using your MasterCard or Visa.

  PO Box 132
  Oshkosh, WI 54903

Please take action NOW! You DO make a difference!


Judy Williams
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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