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San Onofre State Beach

January 18, 2011





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DATE: January 18, 2011
SUBJECT: San Onofre Update
TO: All naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

This is an update from the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) on the status of San Onofre State Beach in California and NAC's ongoing effort on behalf of naturists there.


NAC is once again pleased to announce dismissals of contested citations for nudity at San Onofre State Beach. Following the dismissals of the first two contested citations last month, SIX MORE citations were dismissed Friday at the request of the San Diego County Deputy District Attorney.

This brings the total to EIGHT DISMISSALS AND NO CONVICTIONS for the defendants represented by the Naturist Action Committee.

NAC is aware of other individuals who have received citations for nudity in the traditional clothing-optional area of San Onofre since the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) rescinded the Cahill Policy and abruptly declared the beach to be mandatorily clothed. The tickets have been issued as misdemeanor violations of title 14, section 4322 of the California Code of Regulations. Two individuals, not represented by NAC, have chosen to accept plea bargain deals for convictions under lesser charges.

California defense attorney and NAC Board member Allen Baylis represented the six whose citations were dismissed on Friday. As with the first two defendants whose charges were dropped, Baylis vigorously asserted that the recent half dozen wished to have their day in court, before a jury of their peers.

The DA’s office understands that we’re not bluffing. The Naturist Action Committee has a list of willing defendants, and NAC has been preparing for this challenge. NAC has enlisted the advice of outside counsel and has set aside funds for the purpose.


NAC advises naturists that ticketing continues at San Onofre State Beach. Another citation for nudity was given there just this past weekend.

Of the charges dismissed Friday, one was an early ticket written by a lifeguard who is also a peace officer. However, the lifeguards at San Onofre no longer appear to be active in the process of seeking to make criminals of naturists who are merely nude in the traditional clothing-optional area.

The purveyors of the recent citations have been DPR rangers, who are acting under the direction of local Superintendent Rich Haydon. After only a couple of weeks on the job, Haydon instigated (and wrote) the order that was signed by DPR Director Ruth Coleman, abruptly terminating the Cahill Policy. At the time he wrote the order, Haydon’s familiarity with the Cahill Policy was such that, in the written order, he referred to former DPR Director Russell Cahill as “William Cahill.”


NAC is defending those ticketed at San Onofre. NAC board member Allen Baylis has been tireless in the effort. And effective.

As detailed in other NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates, the Naturist Action Committee is leading an effort to have areas in California state park units specifically designated for clothing-optional use. While NAC continues to oppose ticketing at the traditional clothing-optional area of San Onofre, we are simultaneously working WITH the California Department of Parks and Recreation, as well as with the California Park and Recreation Commission, to advance the opportunities for officially accepted clothing-optional recreation.

On December 10, 2010, naturists turned out in impressive numbers to support clothing-optional recreation in California State Parks and the petition NAC and its allies had sent to the Commission, asking for designation of clothing-optional areas within units of the California State Park system.

More recently, NAC Area Representative Donald Stanton, speaking on NAC’s behalf, addressed the Commission at its meeting on January 4, 2011, in Santa Rosa. Stanton, a California attorney and former Naturist Action Committee board member, requested that the matter of designation for clothing-optional areas (and NAC’s petition for such) be placed immediately on the Commission’s agenda. Not unexpectedly, DPR Director Ruth Coleman, whose Department received the petition in June, 2010, told Commissioners that the Department of Parks and Recreation would need more time to study the document. NAC is pressing the issue with the Commission, while maintaining a relationship with the Department at the highest level.


Friends of San Onofre Beach, the Naturist Action Committee and naturists everywhere need your assistance. First and foremost, we must not abandon our beach. If we do not maintain our presence at Trail 6, the Parks Department will have successfully imposed the intolerant will of a tiny handful of bureaucrats on the large numbers who enjoy responsible clothing-optional recreation on public land. We cannot let that happen. The naturist community is depending on us to stand our ground.


The traditional clothing-optional area at Trail 6 of San Onofre State Beach is immediately adjacent to a portion of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Some who seek to escape the intolerance and harassment of the California DPR have relocated their clothing-optional activities across the fence to the Marine Base.

Although there has been no recent response from the Marines, any unauthorized presence on the military property is considered trespassing. The Naturist Action Committee does not endorse or encourage the use of Pendleton's beach for clothing-optional recreation. It's unlikely that NAC will be able to help those who find themselves facing a federal charge of trespass on a military facility.


If you witness an incident at the State Beach (e.g., ticketing, harassment - official or personal -, user misbehavior, please contact Allen Baylis by phone at (714) 962-0915 or by e-mail at

Alternatively, you may contact NAC Executive Director Bob Morton by phone at (512) 282-6621 or by e-mail at


Throughout the ongoing ordeal with the California DPR, the members of Friends of San Onofre Beach have done an extraordinary job of pulling their own weight for the beach they cherish. To donate to Friends of San Onofre Beach, you may send a check to:

    Friends of San Onofre Beach
    P. O. Box 6283
    Huntington Beach, CA 92615


Watch for NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this and other important issues affecting naturists.

You may also stay informed by checking the following web sites:

Get on the email list of Friends of San Onofre Beach by sending your request to:


The Naturist Action Committee remains committed to the vigorous defense of the clothing-optional use of public land. Activism on behalf of naturists can be expensive. NAC relies entirely on the voluntary financial support of people like YOU.

Won't you please send a generous donation to:

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Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

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