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MONTANA Senate Bill 356

February 13, 2003

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                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE

DATE   : February 13, 2003
SUBJECT: Montana Senate Bill 356
TO     : All naturists


Montana Senate Bill 356 received a hearing this morning before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A representative of the Naturist Action Committee gave testimony against the bill, which is intended to allow local governments to adopt indecent exposure laws with restrictions and penalties even more severe than the already harsh Montana indecent exposure law.

The committee took no immediate action on the bill.


Sen. Duane Grimes (R-Clancy) introduced Senate Bill 356 just a week ago. As noted in yesterday's NAC Advisory on this topic, SB 356 is on a fast track. It was placed on the February 13 agenda of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by Sen. Grimes, along with SB 265, a proposed law to regulate adult entertainment establishments. SB 265 was also introduced by Grimes, and NAC has been tracking it, too.

In fact, Sen. Grimes arranged for testimony on the two bills to be heard simultaneously, treating the over-the-top local prohibitions and punishments allowed in SB 356 as a backup to the strip club restrictions in SB 265.

Testimony on the two bills lasted for more than two and a half hours, with the keynote for the proponents being given by perennial Montana moralist and nudity opponent Dallas Erickson. After introducing the bill to the committee, Grimes turned to Erickson, who spoke for 12 minutes. Other speakers were asked to limit their testimony in the interest of time.

A representative of the Naturist Action Committee addressed the committee to oppose SB 356, Assisted by notes prepared for the hearing by NAC, the representative pointed out that existing Montana law concerning indecent exposure is already disproportionately brutal. Those convicted more than twice face a $10,000 fine and as much as 100 years in prison.

NAC also noted that the patchwork of extreme local laws encouraged by SB 356 would expose local jurisdictions to increased liability and would not serve the best interests of the citizens of Montana.

Numerous others testified for and against the bills. Finally, the committee ran out of time for further testimony and asked for written submissions.

Grimes and Erickson were hoping to receive the endorsement of the committee. Following the extended testimony, the committee chose instead to take no action on SB 356 or SB 265.

Additional information about Senate Bill 356 is available on the web site of the Naturist Action Committee:

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Mark Storey
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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