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Texas 2003 Special Session 01
House Bill 50

July 11, 2003

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                     NATURIST ACTION COMMITTEE

DATE   : July 11, 2003
SUBJECT: Texas House Bill 50
TO     : Texas naturists

Dear Texas Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee wishes to make you aware of a development in an important matter.

A public hearing on Texas House Bill 50 was held Thursday morning, July 10, by the Public Health Committee of the Texas House of Representatives. If passed into law, HB 50 would require that "[a] youth camp may not operate as a nudist camp." The Texas Board of Health would be required to adopt regulatory standards to enforce the legislative act.


NAC and naturists were joined at the hearing by representatives from the Southwestern Sunbathing Association (SWSA). SWSA is a regional affiliate of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).

Testimony supporting the bill was taken from Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola), the lawmaker who introduced HB 50, as well as from a woman who said she provides consulting services to camping-related organizations and couldn't imagine how a nude camp would work.

Naturist testimony opposed the bill, carefully explaining the concept of body acceptance and its benefit to naturist youth, as well as the importance of the rights of naturist parents to imbue their children with their chosen values. Naturists also noted that little independent investigation appears to have been done by those promoting the bill, and absolutely no credible evidence had been offered to support the bill's favorable passage by the committee.

Rep. Hughes supplied committee members with copies of the June 18 New York Times article that resulted from a public relations effort by AANR and its hired PR firm. Hughes also provided committee members with excerpts from AANR's own web site, which he claimed would bolster his contention that nude youth camps are improper and should be banned.


No vote was taken by the committee.

It's important to note that the Texas legislature is presently meeting in special session. Committees can hold hearings on almost any matter. However, only those topics approved by the Governor in his call for the session, or those added later by the Governor, can be considered for floor votes.

At this time, the matter addressed by House Bill 50 has NOT been approved by the Governor for this special session. Rep. Hughes claims to be seeking such approval.


The complete text of HB 50 is available on the web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

Click on "Legislative Bill Texts."


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

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