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WASHINGTON HOUSE BILL 1333 (from 2005)

January 29, 2006

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DATE:    January 29, 2006
SUBJECT: Washington House Bill 1333
TO:      All Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) has recently received numerous questions related to a Washington state legislative bill from last year. Specifically, those questions have involved House Bill 1333, and whether that measure poses an actual threat in 2006.

It does not.

NAC has repeatedly taken the lead in defending naturists in the matter addressed by HB 1333. NAC successfully derailed Washington House Bill 1333 in 2005, just as NAC had killed its predecessor, House Bill 2645, in 2004.

Despite concerns that may have been implied or voiced recently, there is no credible or reasonable threat from HB 1333.


This is an Update. NAC is not requesting that you take action. An attempt at action on this issue at this time could be counterproductive or harmful.

The Naturist Action Committee encourages naturists to focus on real issues, and there's no shortage of those. This NAC Update is intended to allow a misplaced concern to be laid to rest.


Police and prosecutors in the city of Everett consider the state's current indecent exposure law to have a loophole because it does not allow a conviction under a local ordinance to count toward felony punishment status on a second conviction. House Bill 1333 was introduced on behalf of the Everett police and city government, who had a lobbyist pushing hard to get the bill passed into law.

House Bill 1333 was similar to a bill (HB 2645) in the 2004 legislative session, which was also pushed by officials from Everett. Both bills were introduced by Rep. Al O'Brien (D-Mountlake Terrace).

As part of its vigorous opposition to both measures, NAC hired a legislative lobbyist for the 2004 session and again for the 2005 sessions. In both those years, NAC presented testimony before the legislative committee considering the two bills. NAC also worked directly and intensively with state lawmakers and officials from Everett.

NAC issued Action Alerts in 2004 and 2005, calling for a letter writing and telephone campaign that put citizens in touch with Washington state lawmakers. The gratifying response - YOUR response - was a key component in derailing both bills. Neither HB 2645 in 2004 nor HB 1333 in 2005 was passed into law. NAC thanks you for your important part in those victories!


Washington is presently in the second year of its legislative biennium. By law, bills carry over from the first year of the biennium to the second year. By convention, those bills that didn't make it in the first year are "reintroduced and retained in present status."

The specific mechanism is that on the initial day of the second year of every biennium, a floor resolution is offered (and perfunctorily seconded and passed) to allow the wholesale carryover of all unfinished bills from the previous year. January 9, 2006, was the initial day of the second year of the Washington legislative biennium, and the pro forma resolution that came on that day was entirely expected. It's a part of the standard startup for the second stanza of the session.

That's what happened with HB 1333 from last year. And if you'll look, the process also applies to scores of other bills that aren't going anywhere. Check, at random, the status of any bill that didn't pass last year. You'll find the same thing.

In fact, if you'll do a Google search for "By resolution, reintroduced and retained in present status," you'll come up with more than ninety-five thousand hits for Washington legislative bills from previous biennia.

But if House Bill 1333 is technically alive, then are concerns warranted?

The answer is NO. Just days ago, Naturist Action Committee board member Mark Storey spoke personally with Rep. Al O'Brien, the bill's sponsor. Rep. O'Brien confirmed that no attempt whatsoever will be made to advance HB 1333 in this session. Meanwhile, NAC remains in close communication with its Washington state legislative lobbyist. If similar legislation or a new threat should appear, NAC is ready once again to take immediate action.


The Naturist Action Committee is the volunteer nonprofit adjunct to The Naturist Society. NAC exists to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. Protecting freedom is expensive, and unlike other organizations, NAC has no membership roster on which to assess dues. NAC relies entirely on the voluntary generosity of supporters like you.

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Thank you for choosing to make a difference!


Mark Storey

Board Member
Naturist Action Committee

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