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Anti-Nudity Measure Eradicated from Wisconsin Budget

July 28, 2001

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DATE   : July 28, 2001
SUBJECT : Wisconsin anti-nudity measure is eradicated

All Naturists:

The final version of the Wisconsin budget will NOT include a prohibition against nudity on public lands administered by the State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Republicans from the state Assembly, seeing dim prospects of success for a freestanding bill banning nudity on lands owned or managed by DNR, took the wording of that bill and made it an amendment to the state's proposed budget. It was the second straight year the ploy had been tried. And for the second straight year, the leadership of the Democrat-controlled Senate purged the measure from the final version of the budget during a joint conference session.

The original bill (AB 356) was introduced by Rep. DuWayne Johnsrud (R-Eastland) and was aimed at eliminating nudity at Mazo Beach, a traditional clothing-optional area located on DNR-managed land along the Wisconsin River. AB 356 itself has never faced a committee or floor vote and is technically still alive for consideration in the Assembly's next session.

Friends of Mazo Beach, the local users' group, has consistently opposed the nudity ban and has worked effectively to bolster opposition to it among Senate Democrats and others.

Realizing that this issue will be raised again, perhaps as early as next session, the Naturist Action Committee also took a behind-the-scenes approach. NAC elected not to call for a large scale letter-writing blitz on this occasion, choosing instead to reserve that ammunition for a time when it will be more appropriate.

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Nicky Hoffman
Board Member
Naturist Action Committee