NAC Area Representatives

Initiated in 1995, the Area Representative program of the Naturist Action Committee has quickly become a significant part of NAC's integrated mission to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. Area Reps, or "NACARs," as they're sometimes called, are the eyes and ears - and often the voice - of NAC at the local level.

NAC Area Reps are proven naturist advocates who are appointed by the NAC board to posts in which they coordinate at a local or regional level the legislative and legal actions undertaken by NAC. These essential volunteers are often the first to pinpoint the early signs of trouble in a state legislature or a local municipal council.

Each NACAR reports directly to one of the nine elected board members of NAC. A bidirectional flow of information allows NAC to make fast and effective responses to developing crises and to seize opportunities for proactive advances.

Important features of the NAC Area Representative program

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  • Each NACAR volunteer is assigned a specific geographical area of responsibility, often a single state or an important local community. Area Reps are responsible for tracking events, activities, trends and conditions in that area, as they relate to naturism. Identifying both threats and opportunities, each NACAR works closely with a member of the NAC board.
  • Area Reps are often instrumental in illuminating the unique aspects of a local situation, capturing and communicating the "flavor" of local issue, as only a local resident can do. NAC's ability to respond appropriately often depends on such critical information.
  • In return, NAC's continent-wide coordination allows the Area Rep to benefit from a centralized overview that can often identify strategies and tactics that have proven successful in other locations. This is a faithful implementation of the familiar "Think globally, act locally" philosophy of grass roots responsiveness.

If you are a talented naturist activist who wishes to make a difference as a part of something important, contact the NAC board member who oversees your area and ask about becoming a NACAR.


Current NAC Area Representatives and their hometowns are listed below.

Anderson, Michael

Farr West, Utah
(801) 731-7496                                              

Arnold, Jack

Baltimore, MD
(410) 335-6626                                                

Attaway, Randy

Boling, TX
(979) 657-3061                                                

Bitters, David

Shawnee Mission, KS
(913) 722-5347   FAX (913) 722-5347                 

Brody, Ken

Wayne, NJ
(973) 633-0398 FAX (973) 633-8653               

Clauser, Richard

Las Vegas, NV
(702) 396-9160                                        

Conforti, Susan

Auburn, CA
(530) 492-3008                                              

Crumb, Barbara

Branchport, NY
(315) 595-2557                                          

Dearing, Les

La Mesa, CA
(619) 466-4585                                                    

Dixon, Gerald

Russell Township, OH
(440) 338-6750                                           

Frandsen, Marvin

Melbourne, FL
(321) 323-9413                                      

Glaser, Jeffrey

Batavia, IL
(630) 669-5675                                                

Graham, Keath

Palm Desert, CA
(760) 718-2555                                        

Hastings, Aaron

Loxahatchee, FL
(803) 223-5634                                    

Hickok, Doug

Potosi, WI
(970) 31-NAKED                                            

Kesser, Scott

Chicago, IL
(773) 267-2798     FAX (773) 267-2798               

Kirkpatrick, Dennis

(617) 325-1883                                              

Kushman, Ken

Lutz, FL
(813) 454-7024                                        

Lane, George A. III

Indianapolis, IN
(317) 856-3436                                          

LeValley, Paul

Tallahassee, FL
(850) 222-1886     FAX (850) 224-5014 

Lewis, Bernie

Saranac, MI
(616) 828-9387                                        

Markham, Phil

West Sand Lake, NY
(518) 674-0396                                        

Marsh, Ron

Newport, RI
(401) 847-2710                                                  

Mitchell, Norma

Land O' Lakes, FL
(954) 709-8973                                      

Morton, Robert

Seattle, WA 
(512) 413-3473                                              

Neinast, Bob

Pickerington, OH
(614) 759-1601                                          

O'Flaherty, Michael

East Haddam, CT
(860) 873-3390

Overturf, Dale

Knoxville, TN
(865) 681-6898                                          

Palm, John

Lutz, FL
(813) 977-1053                                              

Pasco, Rich

San Jose, CA, Land O Lakes, FL
(813) 753-9916                                  

Pelc, Robert

Lewisville, NC
(336) 749-1290                                                      

Perkins, Charles

Saratoga, CA
(408) 255-9223                                          

Rapoport, Paul

Ancaster, ON
(905) 648-2181                                                      

Richards, Claudette

Middleton, WI
(608) 798-1954 FAX (608) 798-3299 

Rooney, Kath

Kalamazoo, MI
(269) 349-7327                                              

Rothberg, Susan

Long Island, NY
(516) 316-9440                                                    

Sabatano, Sarah

Walden, NY
(718) 490-6457                                            

Shopiro, Jonathan

Kissimmee, FL
(407) 201-4002                                            

Smith, Dennis Craig

Lompoc, CA
(805) 733-4950                                                  

Spacer, Richard

Kapaa, HI
(808) 636-4709                                              

Springborn, Amanda

Potosi, WI
(608) 434-9189                                              

Stanton, Don

Paradise, CA
(530) 872-4990                                          

Titmus, Don

Mesa, AZ
(480) 962-6353                                                      

Trueman, Charles

New Castle, DE
(302) 328-0362                                          

Utley, Ron

Fulton, NY
(315) 593-8277                                              

Vickland, Elbert "Vick"

Sacramento, CA
(916) 921-0955                                          

Williamson, Howard

Federal Way, WA
(253) 952-2693                                                            

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