The members of the NAC board of directors are an impressively experienced group of naturist leaders. Elected at large to three year terms by and from the membership of The Naturist Society, each of these volunteers is responsible for a specific geographical territory.

NAC board members are connected to one another electronically for quick response, meet regularly by teleconference, and gather for a face-to-face meeting, as needed.

NAC Board Members

Board Member Profiles...

Bob Morton   Austin, TX

Bob is an electrical engineer who enjoys painting and writing. His moderate skill at auto mechanics was developed as a matter of necessity. He and his wife Christine have three grown offspring: Robert, Becky and Charles, all of whom have been raised as naturists.

Bob has testified before numerous state legislative committees on behalf of naturists, and has been on

the NAC board since 1996. He has been chairman since 1997, and he also serves as NAC's executive director. Before joining the board, Bob was a NAC Area Rep.

Areas: Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Texas.

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TELEPHONE (512) 282-6621

Susan Rothberg   Lindenhurst, NY

Susan is a tax preparer from Long Island, living in a location she chose, in large part, because of its proximity to the clothing-optional beaches of Fire Island.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent order by bureaucrats who abruptly terminated the long-standing history of clothing-optional use at Fire Island National Seashore, Susan

has been involved in the fight to regain the beaches, in particular, her favorite, Lighthouse Beach.

Susan is a regular at naturist festivals and gatherings. She was a NAC Area Representative before being elected to the NAC board.

Areas: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia.

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Allen Baylis   Huntington Beach, CA

Allen is an attorney with professional and recreational interests in aviation. He and his wife have three adult offspring.

Allen joined the NAC board in 2002, after having been an Area Rep. He is the head of Friends of San Onofre Beach and Naturists in the O.C. In 2006, he successfully led the effort to prevent the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) from putting an end to traditional clothing-optional use on the

American River in the Auburn State Recreation Area, east of Sacramento. More recently, Allen has been at the fore of NAC's challenge to DPR's attrempt to end nude recreation on state park land throughout the state. Allen has defended numerous naturists who have been improperly ticketed for simple nudity by DPR. Allen is a regular participant in the World Naked Bike Ride.

Areas: Arizona, California, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina.

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TELEPHONE (714) 962-0915

Nicky Hoffman Oshkosh, WI
ex officio, non-voting board member

Nicky is co-owner of The Naturist Society (TNS) and serves as an ex officio non-voting board member of NAC.

Nicky oversees the popular Naturist Gatherings offered each year by TNS and is editor of Nude & Natural, the quarterly magazine of The Naturist Society.

Nicky also serves as the volunteer Comptroller for NAC.

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TELEPHONE (920) 426-5009


Society, Dick organized an affiliated special interest group for outdoor hiking.

Dick is a semi-retired technologist.

Areas: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Newfoundland, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, Prince Edward Island.

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TELEPHONE (207) 396-5225

Dick Springer   Scarborough, ME

Dick became a member of the NAC board in 2010, after having served for years as a NAC Area Representative. Dick lives south of Portland, Maine.

Dick has been an active naturist for years. Back in the days before Lee Baxandall's Free Beach Documentation Center became The Naturist

Lee Baxandall (1935-2008)

Lee was the founder and first president of The Naturist Society. He served as an ex officio non-voting member of the NAC board.

In addition to his obvious fondness for skinny-dipping, Lee had a love of history and the theater, a

combination that led him to document the high drama of the early days of American naturism. The resulting Free Beach Documentation Center evolved into The Naturist Society, and it was Lee's vision of volunteer activists working on behalf of naturism that became the Naturist Action Committee.


In Memoriam ...

Don Zirbel  Milwaukie, OR

Don is a firefighter and paramedic. He and his wife, Peggy, are regulars at Collins Beach on Sauvie Island, west of Portland and frequent visitors to Rooster Rock State Park, east of Portland.

Don serves on the member advisory council of The Naturist Society and is founder of Oregon Clothing Optional Beach Alliance (ORCOBA).

Prior to joining the NAC board in 2009, Don was a NAC Area Representative.

Areas: Colorado, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oregon, Tennessee, Wyoming, Yukon.

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TELEPHONE: (503) 970-6674


Mark Storey   Seattle, WA

Mark is an educator, philosopher and writer. He and his wife Kathy Blanchard enjoy traveling to naturist destinations. Mark is co-editor and a frequent contributor to Nude & Natural magazine, and is an organizer of various naturist Festivals and events.

Mark joined the NAC board in 1996, after having been an Area Rep. He has served the organization multiple times as Secretary. In 2005, he led the effort to defeat Washington House Bill 1333, a measure that would

have included municipal convictions for indecent exposure in calculating penalties for subsequent convictions.

Mark is the author of Cinema au Natureland Theatre au Naturel, and is committed to expanding the envelope for the public acceptance of nudity as an intrinsic human condition.

Areas: Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Washington.

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Bryon Brandt   Arlington Heights, IL

Bryon was elected to the NAC board in 2015.

Bryon is a chemical engineer, who has traveled extensively, often giving training classes to engineers and operators at petrochemical installations.

Bryon recently completed the Sharkfest swimming competition in San Francisco Bay. Not only did he forgo a wetsuit, Bryon swam the entire event nude!

Areas: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Quebec.

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TELEPHONE (847) 632-1270

Jim Dickey   Middleton, WI

Jim was first elected to the NAC board in 2013. He is an experienced local naturist activist, having been involved in the creation of Badger Naturists and Friends of Mazo Beach, both of which still occupy his interest and his attention.

Jim drives commercial trucks. Before that, he worked for years in retail sales, ironically enough, selling clothing.

Jim and his longtime companion, Claudette Richards, enjoy cross country road trips, often by motorcycle.

Areas: Manitoba, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Nova Scotia, South Dakota, Wisconsin.

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TELEPHONE (608) 798-1954

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