NAC Board Members

The members of the NAC board of directors are an impressively experienced group of naturist leaders. Each director is elected at large to three year terms, and each director is responsible for a specific geographical territory.

NAC board members are connected to one another electronically for quick response, meet regularly by teleconference, and gather for a face-to-face meeting, as needed.

Board Member Profiles...

Bill Schroer
Battle Creek, MI
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Phone: (269) 986-2322


A former military instructor, Bill had served two previous terms on the boards of NAC and NEF, before being elected again in 2017. He has two "day jobs." One is an established marketing business he owns and operates in downtown Battle Creek, Michigan, and the other is his fledgling clothing-optional bed & breakfast, located just north of town. Bill was, for six months, executive director of AANR. More recently, he ran as a Republican candidate for local elected office. His candor concerning his naturist proclivities was refreshing, but it drew the expected flak. He lost to the Republican incumbent in the primary election.

Areas: Hawaii, Indiana, Michigan, New Mexico, Ohio Pennsylvania, New Brunswick, Newfoundland/Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Jim Dickey
Middleton, WI
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Phone: (608) 798-1954


Jim was first elected to the NAC board in 2013. He is an experienced local naturist activist, having been involved in the creation of Badger Naturists and Friends of Mazo Beach, both of which still occupy his interest and his attention. Jim drives commercial trucks. Before that, he worked for years in retail sales, ironically enough, selling clothing. Jim and his longtime companion, Claudette Richards, enjoy cross-country road trips, often by motorcycle.

Areas: Arkansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin (Share), Yukon, Guam.

James Nunn
Frisco, TX
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Phone: (972) 836-6833


James was appointed to the NAC Board in March 2021. James was born in Australia, and currently lives in Texas, USA with his husband, two dogs and the cat. A lifelong naturist, he became involved with social naturism in 2007 following participating in a nude 5K at the Bluebonnet Resort in Texas. In the past few years, James decided to combine his passions for social advocacy and naturism by signing up as an Area Representative and then quickly sought to join the board.

Areas: Arizona, British Columbia, California (Share), Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming.

Bryon Brandt
Arlington Heights, IL
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Phone: (847) 632-1270
Bryon was elected to the NAC board in 2015. Bryon is a chemical engineer who has traveled extensively, often giving training classes to engineers and operators at petrochemical installations. Not long ago, Bryon completed the Sharkfest swimming competition in San Francisco Bay. Not only did he forgo a wetsuit, Bryon swam the entire event nude!

Areas: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, Quebec, US Virgin Islands.

Doug Hickok
Potosi, WI
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Phone: (970) 316-2533
Before being elected to the NAC board in 2017, Doug served for years as a NAC Area Rep. Doug lives in far southwest Wisconsin with his wife, Amanda, who is also a NAC Area Rep. Doug has been an active naturist for years. He has authored The Academic Naturist blog. A technologist who responsible for embedded process and control systems, Doug works with applications that range from farm tractors and locomotives to aircraft.

Areas: Alberta, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Wisconsin (Share).

Richard Mason
Miami Gardens, FL
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Phone: (305) 283-3633
Born and raised in New England, Richard has made his living in entrepreneurship and marketing. He and his wife Shirley live in South Florida, where the two of them were among a small group who created a popular and officially recognized clothing-optional beach out of what had been a crime-afflicted and drug-infested blight at Haulover, in what is now Miami-Dade County. Richard is a Korean War-era military veteran. Elected to the NAC board in 2017, Richard also heads of South Florida Free Beaches / Florida Naturist Association.

Areas: Connecticut, Florida (Share), Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island.

Susan Rothberg
Lindenhurst, NY
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Phone: (516) 316-9440
Susan is a tax preparer from Long Island, living in a location she chose, in large part, because of its proximity to the clothing-optional beaches of Fire Island. Following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent order by bureaucrats who abruptly terminated the long-standing history of clothing-optional use at Fire Island National Seashore, Susan has been involved in the fight to regain the beaches, in particular, her favorite, Lighthouse Beach. Susan is a regular at naturist festivals and gatherings. She was a NAC Area Representative before being elected to the NAC board in 2016.

Areas: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey (share), New York, Nunavut, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia.

Susan Shopiro
Cypress Cove, FL
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Phone: (321) 284-8083
Susan was elected to the board in 2019.She is a retired from a computer science career in design and project management in the telecommunications and finance industries. In addition to her technical degree, she was trained in project management and team leadership. Assignments included leading many teams on projects of various sizes as well as committee work introducing new technologies to her companies and participation in an ANSI/ISO standards committee. Her second career has been in Physical Therapy and Yoga where she gets people up and moving and keeps them moving. She has been a NAC-AR for many years where my duties included reviewing proposed legislation. Jonathan and Susan have been living full-time in the naturist community for over 10 years. We are both committed to protecting naturism as a way of life and leisure for all. For fun we enjoy making music, putting on performances and leading yoga practice here at Cypress Cove.

Areas: Alabama, Florida (Share), Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey (share), North Carolina, South Carolina, Ontario.

In Memoriam ...

Lee Baxandall


Lee was the founder and first president of The Naturist Society. He served as an ex-officio non-voting member of the NAC board. In addition to his obvious fondness for skinny-dipping, Lee had a love of history and the theater, a combination that led him to document the high drama of the early days of American naturism. The resulting Free Beach Documentation Center evolved into The Naturist Society, and it was Lee's vision of volunteer activists working on behalf of naturism that became the Naturist Action Committee.