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The Naturist Society promotes body acceptance through nude recreation. TNS organizes Naturist Gatherings throughout North America and is the originator and continuing sponsor of Nude Recreation Week, which is set aside every year as a continent-wide celebration. The Naturist Action Committee is the political adjunct to TNS. Members of The Naturist Society democratically elect the board members of NAC from among their own number.

world naked gardening day

Naturist Education Foundation is the educational and informational adjunct to The Naturist Society and is NAC's sister volunteer organization. NEF operates the Naturist Education Foundation Research Library, a brick-and-mortar facility that houses the largest collection of its kind. NEF's web site includes the Toni Egbert Naturist Law Library, a user-supported online repository for naturist legal knowledge.

World Naked Gardening Day was created by the Body Freedom Collaborative of Seattle, Washington. WNGD promotes the natural connection between human bodies and their environment by encouraging naked gardening on scales both large and small. Each year, the first Saturday of May is celebrated as World Naked Gardening Day.

Nude Beaches YES! is a project of the Naturist Action Committee. It provides information about clothing-optional beaches and provides beach etiquette guidelines. In the style of political campaign signage and sloganeering, Nude Beaches YES! has yard signs that express support for nude beaches as an idea whose time has arrived!

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