NAC Staff

The Naturist Action Committee works with volunteers and with the staff of The Naturist Society to achieve the greatest efficiency with the lowest possible overhead.

Calls concerning your subscription to the NAC Newsletter should be directed to the Oshkosh office: (920) 426-5009. For all other NAC matters, please directly contact executive director Bob Morton.

TELEPHONE: (512) 282-6621    FAX: (512) 282-2503    

Executive Director



NAC Chairman Bob Morton serves as executive director for the organization, the third NAC chair to do so.

NAC Area Representative Robert Morton serves as Webmaster for the Naturist Action Committee web site. Robert has been a naturist his entire life and is a graduate of Rice University.

Contact the Webmaster to report broken links or issues of compatibility or to suggest ideas for new NAC web site features and their presentation.

Robert serves as a volunteer.

Longtime naturist Nicky Jo Lee is NAC's comptroller. Carefully tracking contributions, disbursements, and working with accountants and the IRS on NAC's behalf, Nicky serves as a volunteer.

SEND E-MAIL to Robert Morton.

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