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Arkansas state lawmakers have not previously held sessions in even-numbered years.

By an overwhelming margin (69% - 31%), Arkansas voters chose on November 4, 2008, to approve Amendment 86 to the Arkansas Constitution. As written, the amendment called for the state legislature to meet in fiscal session in even-numbered years and in regular sessions in odd-numbered years. However, the same solons who sent the measure to a vote of the people have subsequently decided to swap the two sessions. Because they can.

The Arkansas legislature meets in regular session from February 8, 2010 through March 9, 2010. Bills from 2009 DO NOT CARRY OVER to the 2010 session. Prefiling of bills is allowed.


Arkansas law is extremely restrictive with regard to nudity, going so far as to prohibit anyone from even advocating nudism in the state. NAC is preparing a challenge to that law, which has an obvious chilling effect on the defense and advancement of Naturism.

The NAC board member responsible for Arkansas is Bob Morton.

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