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County Ordinances

Nebraska has not previously allowed counties to adopt ordinances. However, as a result of the passage of recent legislation (LB 532, which was passed in 2009 and became effective on August 30, 2009), counties may now adopt ordinances, as cities, towns and villages in the state have long been permitted to do. Among the new ordinance-making power is the specific authorization for creating county ordinances addressing public nudity.

Forty-eight other states allow county ordinances. As a result of their long-standing ordinance making powers, many of the counties that would choose to have a local anti-nudity ordinance have already done so.

The significance to naturists is that there's likely to be a flood of new ordinances in Nebraska, and we can bet that many of them will include anti-nudity content.

There are ninety-three (93) counties in Nebraska.

For a description of the new county powers and details of the procedure required for an ordiance, click on the following link:

http://www.naturistaction.org/StatesFrames/State_Laws_Frames/Nebraska_Laws/body_nebraska _laws.html#counties


The Nebraska unicameral legislature meets from January 6, 2010, through April 14, 2010. Bills from 2009 DO CARRY OVER to the 2010 session. Bills may not be prefiled.

The NAC board member responsible for Nebraska is Don Zirbel.

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