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    Diamond Fork / Fifth Water Hot Springs
    Soaking tubs associated with this natural spring are located in the Uinata National Forest, which has been merged with the Wasatch-Cache unit to form the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. Clothing-optional soaking is traditional at Diamond Fork Hot Springs, as it is at many hot springs throughout North America.

    Informational signage posted three years ago by Forest Service personnel recognized the clothing-optional use of the springs.

    credit: Catalyst magazine

    During a night-time raid in October, 2009, deputies from the Utah County Sheriff's Department rousted several soakers from the water, causing them to expose themselves to the deputies as they obeyed the oral commands given to them by the enforcement officials. One mixed-gender group included off-duty firefighters who battle fires in the National Forest. Under threat of arrest if they did not comply. Each individual was cited for lewdness.

    Utah law does not have an exposure law or a public nudity law. The only state law available to the deputies was
    section 76-9-702(1), the lewdness statute. Although the land is owned by the U.S. federal government and administered by the USDA National Forest Service, the Utah County Sheriff's Department has authority there under an agreement of concurrent jurisdiction that exists between the Forest Service unit and the State of Utah.

    In December, 2009, Utah County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Lt. Yvette Rice claimed publicly that deputies typically make the hike to the springs only as the result of a complaint. However, public records requested by the SLC Weekly and made available to NAC indicate clearly that the October, 2009 pre-dawn raid was NOT a reponse to a complaint and was initiated by the deputies themselves.


The Utah legislature meets from January 25, 2010, through March 11, 2010. Bills from 2009 DO NOT CARRY OVER to the 2010 session. Bills may be prefiled.

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