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    Lake Willoughby / Westmore
    In 2008, the selectboard of the town of Westmore, Vermont, was encouraged to consider an anti-nudity ordinance that would apply to nearby Lake Willoughby. The southwest cove of the glacial lake has a long tradition of clothing-optional use. The Naturist Action Committee facilitated the formation of Friends of Willoughby - Southwest Cove. NAC worked with FOW-SWC and others to oppose the ordinance. The ordinance failed.

    The Naturist Action Committee continues working with FOW-SWC and local naturists. In 2009, local nudity opponents accused one or more naturists of environmental mischief. The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) began an investigation and summoned local naturists (including FOW-SWC members) to appear for questioning. NAC retained an attorney to represent the naturists. Subsequently, FPR declined to pursue the investigation.

    NAC did not leave it at that. The Naturist Action Committee entered into an understanding with FPR and its parent agency, the Vermont Agency for Natural Resources (ANR) concerning the responsible use of Lake Willoughby. NAC turned a potential liability into a genuine public lands success story.

The Vermont legislature meets from January 6, 2010 through May 30, 2010. Bills from 2009 DO carry over to the 2010 session. Prefiling of bills is allowed.

The NAC board member responsible for Vermont is Virginia Schnee.

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