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    Proposed nudity ban in Seattle Parks
    In November 2008, Seattle's Board of Park Commissioners was asked to consider a rule banning nudity in city parks. The Naturist Action Committee opposed the rule and issued a NAC Action Alert on November 12, 2008, asking naturists and others to attend a public meeeting on the issue. Naturist turnout at the meeting was gratifying and effective.

    By November 14, 2008, NAC was able to issue a NAC Update, reporting that the proposed anti-nudity rule had been removed from future agendas of the Board of Park Commissioners.

    Seattle Swims
    In early 2007, the Naturist Action Committee sponsored a series of six nude swims at two different municipal pool facilities in the City of Seattle. The events were intended as an icebreaker, a proof of concept and a precedent for other cities. Nude swims in municipal pools had been done before (Saline, Michigan and Surrey, British Columbia), but the NAC Seattle Swims were tremendously successful and have become the new model.

    The nude swims continued in 2008 and 2009. Recent swims have been fund raisers for the Seattle edition of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) and Gardens Everywhere (GEBP).

    In 2008, based on the resounding success of the nude swims it had sponsored in Seattle, NAC initiated a series of nude swims at the indoor municipal swimming facility in Huntington Beach, California. Those locally pioneering swims were successful, as well. Now, nude swims at the  Huntington Beach municipal facility are regular events for
    Naturists in the OC, an Orange County naturist group affiliated with The Naturist Society.


The Washington legislature meets from January 4, 2010, through March 15, 2010. Bills from 2009 DO CARRY OVER to the 2010 session. Bills may be prefiled.

The NAC board member responsible for Washington is Mark Storey.

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