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    Mazo Beach is an informal and traditional clothing-optional site located on the Wisconsin River near the town of Mazomanie. The Dane County Attoney's office has historically indicated an unwillingness to prosecute for instances of mere nudity there, but lewd behavior will not be tolerated. NAC encourages naturists and other users of Mazo Beach to avoid extending nudity beyond the traditional area.

    Local nudity nemesis Ralph Ovadal usually manages to make a couple of visits each season to the parking lot that serves the beach and to a portion of the road leading to the river. He brings his "Gospel Gauntlet," a dwindling group of sign-carrying adherents who taunt those headed to the clothing-optional beach and attempt to provoke them to confrontation or violence. However, the self-annointed "pastor" paid his most recent visit to Mazo on July 16, 2006 - more than three years ago.

    Ovadal is a scofflaw who has been fined twice for his offensive antics in the parking lot and on the road at Mazo. If you should be lucky enough to encounter him and his crew on your walk to the beach, NAC asks that you simply make your way to the beach quietly and quickly, and do not respond to the provocations.


With anticipation that Rep. Daniel LeMahieu (R-Oostburg) might file some new version of his failed anti-nudity legislation from 2003, NAC retains a professional legislative lobbyist in Madison. NAC and its lobbyist closely monitor the situation and make their presence well known. Perhaps as a result, Rep. LeMahieu has not attempted to introduce anti-nudity legislation since his initial flurry in 2003.


The Wisconsin legislature is scheduled to meet from January 4, 2010 through January 2, 2011. Bills from 2009 DO carry over to the 2010 session.

The NAC board member responsible for Wisconsin is Bob Morton.

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