Five well qualified members of The Naturist Society (TNS) are seeking to fill three available positions on the board of directors of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). By bylaw, those who are elected also serve as directors of the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF).

All members of The Naturist Society are eligible to vote in this election, and you are strongly urged to do so. A ballot is included in the Summer 2016 issue of N magazine (N35.4).

NAC and NEF are volunteer organizations that are associated with TNS, but they are incorporated separately, reflecting the specific mission of each. The Naturist Action Committee directs legal, advocacy, public relations and fund raising programs to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America.

The mission of the Naturist Education Foundation is informational and educational. Its projects and programs broaden and strengthen the public's awareness of naturism, but NEF also takes on the responsibility of informing and educating the naturist community.

Both NAC and NEF are nonprofit entities. Board members serve as volunteers. NEF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation; it cannot lobby politically. NAC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization; such organizations are able to lobby politically, and that's at the core of NAC's mission.

The nine board members of NAC and NEF serve three year terms and may seek reelection when their respective term expires. The terms are staggered, and each year, three positions come open for election. Each TNS member is permitted to vote for as many as three candidates to fill the available positions. The top three vote recipients will earn a three-year term on the boards of NAC and NEF.

Recent events have demonstrated the value of NAC's leadership in the ongoing fight to preserve and advance the rights of naturists. NAC carefully monitors legislative and regulatory activity and takes quick action on behalf of naturists. NAC's projects and programs are a blend of proactive and reactive. For example, NAC recently coordinated a public response to proposed rulemaking by the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) that would have closed more than one thousand acres of state forest land to any sort of nudity. In removing all of the restrictions on nudity they had sought to put in place, ODF bureacrats noted the effectiveness of the grass roots response that had been called for in a NAC Action Alert.

Meanwhile, the ongoing informational and educational efforts of the Naturist Education Foundation have proven to be of vital importance to naturists. Extending the efforts of TNS founder Lee Baxandall, NEF has sponsored a series of public opinion surveys, each of which has become a hallmark for reflecting the acceptance of naturism. The latest of these was a scientific opinion poll with special focus in three critical U.S. states

Cast your votes carefully and thoughtfully for as many as three candidates you believe are best suited to the volunteer duties required of directors of NAC and NEF. Carefully read the instructions on your ballot and follow them exactly. Ballots that do not comply with the instructions will be rejected and the vote(s) on them will not be counted. Validation and counting of the ballots will be conducted by a three-person tallying committee appointed by the NAC Secretary.

Ballots must be mailed to: NAC Election, P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903. All ballots must be postmarked no later than September 15, 2016. Election results will be announced in N magazine. Candidates will be advised of the election outcome shortly after counting is completed.

This is your opportunity to take a direct and active part in the democratic process of defining naturist education and political action. Consider the candidates' statements below, and then vote!

2016 Candidates

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NAC and NEF board member ELECTION




Les Dearing
La Mesa, CA

I was raised in the eastern San Gabriel  Valley in LA county. The San Gabriel River, a short distance from my  parent's home, is where, at age 16, I discovered the joys of naturism. I moved to San Diego in 1977 to continue college and to become part of  the Black's Beach family. My first friend on the beach was Clara Bailey; in 1978, through Jake Jacobs and Clara, I became acquainted with the Camping Bares.Les Dearing 2016

I have been involved in some or all of  the day-to-day operations of the Camping Bares since the late 1980s. I have served as newsletter writer/editor, database developer/manager, treasurer, activities planner/leader, and email correspondence manager.  Together with my husband Dave Colo and other Bares members, I have  organized activities for Western Naturist Gatherings, including workshops and NAC fundraisers. I remain very active with the Bares and  available to support them whenever and however needed.

Lee Baxandall and I became acquainted  through his friendship with the Bares. In 1985, I joined The Naturist Society and attended my first Naturist Gathering. Participation in many Gatherings and meeting so many remarkable people has been a wonderful  experience.

Lee's passion for the rights of naturists inspired me to be more open to family and friends about  naturism. I have become a strong advocate for naturist rights in all  facets of life. I believe naturists have the same rights to use public  lands, including urban environments, as any other group. I have participated as a nude runner/walker in San Francisco's Bay to Breakers  since 1993 and in World Naked Bike Rides in San Diego East County, Los  Angeles, and San Francisco. NAC is the premier bulwark and a vitally important component of our fight for full equality as naturists. I look forward to contributing to its continued success as a member of the board.


Jim Dickey
Middleton, WI

A lifetime TNS member dedicated to advocating for naturist rights, I'd be honored to serve a second term representing TNS members on the NAC/NEF boards.Jim Dickey 2016

My activism officially began in 1991 when NAC's Inland Task Force developed a project that transformed into Friends of Mazo Beach. For 25 years I've worked successfully with lawyers, law enforcement, local authorities, state representatives, and DNR staff developing workable strategies to protect our rights. I've attended legislative meetings and testified at the state level. With the sudden recent closure of Mazo Beach I'm particularly involved with trying to regain our rights and reopen the beach.

As a NAC board member I've increased these activist activities as well as tracking legislation, fundraising, and addressing numerous concerns of members.

Being on the NEF board and Research Library committee, my proximity to our new library allows me more active involvement in its development and ongoing operations.

Clearly, board composition lies at the heart of board effectiveness. More balanced boards lead to more healthy boards. Currently board members reside on the west coast; there's a need for better Midwest member representation

Besides attending gatherings/festivals, I travel often getting to know members/groups from all over the US and Canada. This helps me better understand and represent the diverse concerns of more naturists and be their eyes/ears/voice.

I'm proud of our accomplishments to date, but greater success in mission fulfillment is dependent upon prime-functioning boards. I strongly agree with many members who have expressed varied concerns, and feel it's imperative that we look inside to review/evaluate important internal governance issues (board orientation/training. fundraising strategies, performance reviews, records documentation, communications, role clarifications, transparency, accountability, succession planning, etc.) as we move forward

I'm here to represent and serve you, and look forward to continuing to hear your questions/concerns/ideas anytime at 608-798-1954.


Bob Morton
Austin, TX

Serving as a naturist activist is both a privilege and an enormous challenge. As Chairman and Executive Director of NAC, I've seen firsthand the existing and proposed laws and regulations that threaten naturists. But I've also seen the opportunities we can create, as well as those that can be ours if we're just savvy enough to take advantage of them.

Bob Morton 2016As a NAC board member, I've personally lobbied at the state legislative level, testifying at legislative hearings in multiple states against proposed laws that have run the gamut from raising the penalty for skinny-dipping to placing nude sunbathers on the list of sex offenders who must register with the state. I've testified in court as an expert witness on behalf of nude beaches. I've coordinated policy, working closely with lobbyists, lawyers, and with other nudist and naturist organizations. I've successfully negotiated with the National Park Service for official recognition of clothing-optional beach use. I've overseen development of strategies and tactics, petitioned the U.S. government under the Freedom of Information Act, and issued NAC Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates to keep naturists informed of important issues. I'm deeply involved with NEF projects, like the valuable NEF public opinion surveys and the new Naturist Education Foundation Research Library, of which we all can be immensely proud.

Personal commitment is often not enough. Those considering service to NAC must have the support of those to whom they are closest, and I'm very fortunate in that regard. My wife Christine is an active naturist. She and I have raised our three children in a naturist household, and my son Robert is a NAC Area Representative.

The work of NAC leadership is not easy, but it is essential. I ask for your vote, so that I may have the opportunity to continue that important work.


Susan Rothberg
Lindenhurst, NY

I would like your vote for the NAC board because while I respect and admire the current board, there is currently only one woman on it. I would like to see women better represented in naturism as well as bring more women in and I think that is better done by a woman. In addition only one current board member lives on the east coast. There's a lot going on on the right coast and I don't think we can be best served by having only one board member who lives here.Susan Rothberg 2016

I have been an active naturist for 21 years and have made considerable effort to bring women into naturism and make newcomers feel welcome and comfortable as a beach ambassador on Lighthouse beach and at indoor pool parties from Ohio to Maine to New York.

I have been attending gatherings and festivals since 2002 and am helping grow both. In the last two years I have brought 12 newcomers to the Eastern Gathering including one new lifetime TNS member. I have several "degrees" from Bob Morton's "NAC University" and those who attend the Eastern Gathering and NE Festival know me from my many workshops.

I have been published in N and have had an article on the closure of Lighthouse beach/body acceptance appear in Newsday and the Fire Island News. I have been fighting for the return of nude rights at Lighthouse Beach since its closure in 2012.

I am a tax preparer in Long Island, NY, have run several NAC fundraisers and my place is usually naturist-party-central. My 2015 Nude Year's eve party is still being talked about!

I served as President, Vice President, Treasurer and Board Member of the Long Island Travasuns for over 10 years and have been a NAC area representative since 2005.



Judy Williams
Bradner, BC

Public advocacy for naturism has defined my path in life for the past 45 years while teaching high school special education, and honours journalism for 35 years. I have dedicated the years since, full time, to preserving Wreck Beach and other naturist locationsJudy Williams 2016 in as nearly a natural state as possible. I have worked with NAC/NEF/TNS since 1991 and was awarded the second annual Lee Baxandall Naturist Award Leadership. I helped establish Haulover Beach by rallying support through petitions at Wreck Beach to provide international backing. From Mazo Beach, Wisconsin now under attack by the DNR to Pirate's Cove in California, I helped the Chumash Indians defend their ancient burial grounds, in concert with also preserving naturist use of the beach there. I have also worked behind the scenes to defend naturist rights on public lands in Canada. I travelled from Crystal Crescent Beach in Nova Scotia to Beaconia and Patricia Beaches in Manitoba to smooth the way for naturism to exist on public lands. I helped defeat Porter plans to impact part of Toronto's Hanlan's Point into a jet runway, complete with jet fuel storage which would have fouled recreational naturist swimming waters. For several years, I worked with Ontario and Quebec naturists to save naturism in Gatineau Parc but in the end, could not defeat religious biases of the administration there. I appeared before Parliament's House of Commons to defend naturists' rights to raise their children as nature intended. I also have nude modeled for over 30 years for artist and student groups, high school through university. My defense of Wreck Beach has led me into many areas of science from shore-erosion dynamics, geology, migratory bird routes, and glacial geomorphology, fisheries and other environmental issues.


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