Five qualified members of The Naturist Society (TNS) are seeking to fill three available positions on the board of directors of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC). By bylaw, those who are elected also serve as directors of the Naturist Education Foundation (NEF).

All members of The Naturist Society are eligible to vote in this election, and you are strongly urged to do so. A ballot is included in the Spring 2018 issue of N magazine (N37.3).

NAC and NEF are volunteer organizations that are associated with TNS, but they are incorporated separately, reflecting the specific mission of each. The Naturist Action Committee directs legal, advocacy, public relations and fund raising programs to advance and protect the rights and interests of naturists throughout North America.

The mission of the Naturist Education Foundation is informational and educational. Its projects and programs broaden and strengthen the public's awareness of naturism, but NEF also takes on the responsibility of informing and educating the naturist community.

Both NAC and NEF are nonprofit entities. Board members serve as volunteers. NEF is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation; it cannot lobby politically. NAC is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization; such organizations are able to lobby politically, and that's at the core of NAC's mission.

The nine board members of NAC and NEF serve three year terms and may seek reelection when their respective term expires. The terms are staggered, and each year, three positions come open for election. Each TNS member is permitted to vote for as many as three candidates to fill the available positions. The top three vote recipients will earn a three-year term on the boards of NAC and NEF.

Cast your votes carefully and thoughtfully for as many as three candidates you believe are best suited to the volunteer duties required of directors of NAC and NEF. Carefully read the instructions on your ballot and follow them exactly. Ballots that do not comply with the instructions will be rejected and the vote(s) on them will not be counted. Validation and counting of the ballots will be conducted by a three-person tallying committee appointed by the NAC Secretary.

Ballots must be mailed to: NAC Election, P.O. Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903. All ballots must be postmarked no later than June 1, 2018. Election results will be announced in N magazine. Candidates will be advised of the election outcome shortly after counting is completed.

This is your opportunity to take a direct and active part in the democratic process of defining naturist education and political action. Consider the candidates' statements below, and then vote!

2018 Candidates

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NAC and NEF board member ELECTION





R. Allen Baylis
Huntington Beach, California

NAC 2018 Baylis smI am running for the NAC/NEF boards because I feel that Naturists need strong activist members on the boards. I am that person. I was appointed to fill a vacancy on the Board in July 2002. I have served on the Boards continuously until 2017, and I am currently a NAC and NEF area representative. When considering your choices, remember that operative words in Naturist Action Committee are NATURIST and ACTION. Naturists are best served by people of action. Consider the following: I served 15 years on the NAC/NEF board including serving as treasurer; I am also President of Friends of San Onofre Beach, the founder and President of Naturists in the OC, a non-landed Naturist club. I have demonstrated my commitment to furthering the naturist cause. I have worked with city council members, city attorneys, spoken at city council meetings in several cities throughout California. I also have written letters and memoranda in opposition to proposed legislation in other areas. I have worked with several beach support groups throughout California, and interfaced with many State Park Department officials.

As a practicing criminal defense and civil rights attorney, I have represented about 50 naturists in California and federal courts who were charged with various nudity-related crimes achieving dismissals

in about 90% of the cases. I am a staunch supporter of topfree rights for women. I have worked with topfree activists in California on various cases, including being co-counsel on an ongoing federal civil rights case in Los Angeles.

On the education side, I have taught classes at the college level and conducted continuing legal education classes on nudity laws for lawyers and judges.

I would be honored to be re-elected to the NAC/NEF Board of Directors. Please support me to take a seat on the NAC/NEF Boards.


Bryon Brandt
Arlington Heights, Illinois

NAC 2018 Brandt smAs a current NAC/NEF board member, I graciously ask for your vote and continued support for the work of the NAC/NEF Board. If re-elected I will continue to work diligently to protect and advance the rights of Naturists across North America and to spread the word of the joy, benefits, and wholesomeness of naturism. A lifestyle that is under attack, and at risk, if we just take it for granted.

As a Naturist Society Lifetime Member, I am committed to the ideal of tolerance. In particular that naturists be permitted to practice social nudism in appropriate places and that a reasonable share of public lands be set aside for naturist use.

I want to continue on the board of the Naturist Action Committee in order to support those goals.

Naturism is too good of a secret to keep to ourselves. More people should have the opportunity to experience the openness, honesty, love, and acceptance that we take for granted, because it is so normal for us.

I have attended and been an active workshop leader at 41 Naturist Society gatherings and festivals, all with the purpose of giving people a voice and encouraging them to speak out on causes they believe in. NAC and NEF are two more places I continue that leadership.

Besides the many hours from many volunteers, supporting this cause requires money, so I work to ensure that your donations are well used. I communicate with legislators on bills threatening naturists.

I am a globally experienced chemical engineer, which has given me many opportunities to develop and practice the skills of getting people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs to come together and work together well.

I encourage all naturists to belong to TNS and to participate in this election and the other great activities of TNS.

Thank You!


Bob Brown
Thousand Oaks, California

NAC 2018 Brown smMy first naturist experience was as a teenager in my family's backyard pool. Everybody else was away. What a joy it was to jump in and feel the water with every bit of me.

Since then I've come to realize that naturism is a way for us to become more fully human. The three highest Greek values—truth, beauty, and goodness abound for us. May we draw upon them for inspiration and guidance.

I'm a retired high school math and English teacher. I'm a happy member of TNS, Southern California Naturist Association, and Tahoe Area Naturists (TAN).

However, it is with some reluctance that I offer myself as a candidate.

First, I'm a geezer—67 years old. The Naturist Society would benefit with more young people in leadership positions.

Second, I'm a guy. We need more women who can shape a brighter, better future for us.

All that said, I offer you my time, energy, heart, soul and (diminishing?) brain power.

If you want to find out more about my suitability for office, please contact Bill Schroer or Gary Mussell.

A poem I wrote about naturism:


Ron Weimer
Laguna Hills, California

NAC 2018 Weimer smAs a TNS member for over 30 years, I have a passion for the free beaches and the wilderness. So, you can see my interests lie with the great outdoors. I discovered my naturist beach tendencies in Santa Barbara. When I moved to Southern California, I started going to San Onofre. San O was a great place to visit. The people were so friendly. It was a sad day when we lost this beach.

As admin for a Facebook page called "Blacks Beach Friends," I am trying to foster a sense of community for people that visit this beach. It is a work in progress.

As a member of several local nonlanded groups, I have a good sense of the naturist groups in my area. The several TNS gatherings and festivals that I have attended are a great source of information about what is happening to threaten nude recreation and to learn about NAC and its efforts to preserve our lifestyle.

I have watched and been saddened over the years as we have lost more free beaches. NAC has done a great job defending our lifestyle. However, I feel that we need to get more proactive to gain political and social power. As a community, we need to come out of the closet. We need to become more involved as a group with local charities, and sponsor worthy fund raising events. In other words, let the average person know that we are not weirdoes and freaks and are just normal people. This is not a quick fix but must be a long term effort that will bear fruit in the future. As a retired engineer with experience on a local Sierra Club board and as a Naturist Action Committee Representative, I now have time to dedicate to this effort and wish to offer myself as a candidate to the NEF/NAC board.


Don Zirbel
Milwaukie, Oregon

NAC 2018 Zirbel smI have been a naturist for the past 40 years, having spent many sunny days (and foggy ones too) at a number of California's clothes-free beaches in the 1980s. My interest in naturist activism grew as I become more and more aware of the constant threats we face as naturists, when it comes to protecting and preserving our clothes-freedom rights on public lands.

After serving as a NAC Area Representative (NACAR) for several years, I joined the NAC & NEF Board of Directors in 2009, and in that time I've seen first-hand how critical grass-roots activism is to the future of naturism. The experience has allowed me to forge positive working relationships with government authorities at the city, county, state and federal levels. Those relationships, in turn, have helped me to achieve success with a variety of naturist issues, from the right to soak and recreate clothes-free on public lands, to helping put an end to potentially harmful legislative proposals, to the right to be nude in one's own home or backyard.

I recently retired after 36 years in the fire service, and I intend to devote much of my time to continuing the preservation and advancement of naturism. Since their inception, I have felt that The Naturist Society and its respective political and education arms, NAC and NEF, have distinguished themselves as the preeminent protector and promoter of public lands naturism, and it is an honor to be a part of that and to carry on with the vision that Lee Baxandall had for this great organization. I hope to continue in my role and responsibilities by seeking re -election to the Board of Directors and I humbly ask for your vote.


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