Strategic Planning Update

Strategic Planning Update

Over the weekend of February 4-6, 2022, the NAC Board of Directors started to review the organization’s strategic plan for the next 3-5 years. As NAC continues to extract itself from the two past years of reduced activities, mainly due to the global COVID pandemic, the board is excited to return to our pre-pandemic involvement with festivals, gatherings and workshops.

We continue to advance the mission of the organization through our efforts – either directly or through strategic partnerships – to educate, inform and advocate for naturists across North America. The strategic plan will help focus our energy to continue our successes with these efforts.

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  1. Phil Brown

    Has the NAC been in contact with the Wisconsin DNR about nudity on Mazo Beach?

    I emailed them and asked.

    The DNR says they are adding picnic areas, picnic shelters, trails, and a canoe landing. They have eliminated vegetation where the problematic sexual and drug activity were taking place. They did not directly answer my question about nude usage.

    Since the beach was closed the Friends of Mazo Beach and Badger Naturists sent to have disappeared. No activity on their websites and no one answers emails.

    What do you know about Mazo Beach?

    Phil Brown
    Hazel Green, Wisconsin

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