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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws. – Tacitus (55-117 A.D.)

Each state, province, and territory has some code or statute that addresses public nudity.

Many jurisdictions make the important distinction between mere public nudity (e.g., skinny-dipping or nude sunbathing) and illicit lewd behavior, but some lump
both into the same criminal category. Some states have criminalized the breasts of women, while allowing their male counterparts to be exposed.

In compiling the laws of each U.S. state for this resource, NAC’s focus is on statutes that address simple nudity. Laws regulating lewd behavior or commercial
nudity (e.g., adult entertainment) are generally omitted, except where they also impinge upon the simple nudity of naturists.

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LEGAL TERMS GLOSSARY provided by Remember that legal terms may have various meanings in different states and that even standard meanings may be affected by court rulings.

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