Local Issues

NAC’s success at the state level has contributed to a redirection of focus by those opposed to nudity. Increasingly, anti-nudity efforts are being targeted at counties and local municipalities.

Anti-nudity organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund (formerly named Community Defense Counsel (CDC), and before that, the National Family Legal Foundation (NFLF)) ostensibly concentrate on sexually-oriented businesses, but the ordinances they offer are generally written so broadly as to affect naturists, as well. The leaders of these organizations admit that the broadness of their attack is no mistake.

Despite the fact that CDC fell far short of its previously announced goal of 1000 anti-nudity laws by the year 2000, local anti-nudity ordinances, regulations and enforcement interpretations have become an increasingly significant factor of which all naturists must be aware.

The Naturist Action Committee vigorously addresses local issues. A sampling of local concerns is presented here. New items are added from time to time. You may wish to check back frequently.